CSI Arkham – Ep 1, Sessions 2-4

I’ve had some other things to occupy my time lately so I’ve been a little slack in writing up what’s happening in CSI Arkham, a home brew Call of Cthulhu campaign by Pete Ball. Here’s the catch-up. It’s necessarily brief and lacking detail. The next updates will be better.

Remember Raymond Diaz, Kate Gracie’s goth/occultist boyfriend? He’s dead – murdered in his appartment. His body was found in a pentagram of salt on the living room floor. Moreover, there’s photos about the room of Kate and him indulging in some hot teen hanky-panky earlier that day. One of the photos also captures a figure silhouetted in the doorway who we believe is his murderer – more on him later.

In the safe under his bed are three books. One is the Diaz family bible brought to the New World by an ancestor who travelled with Cortez. It’s worth a fortune to a collector. There’s a standard and respected work of ritual magic and a book which can only be described as a joke. It’s much like, say, Lin Carter’s Necronomicon and all we can think about it is that Diaz used it only to get next to the goth girls. It intrigues us as completely out of place in the home of this serious occultist.

Annabeth and Preston also discovered that Kate Gracie’s parents tried three times to exorcise her and each priest involved was wackier than the next. The last of these, Fr Black, when we finally caught up with him in New Jersey, turns out to be clinically insane. He has Elder Signs tattooed on his eyelids so that demons cannot attack him while he’s asleep. He refused to talk to us and so we were obliged to arrest him as a material witness to the crimes confronting us.

Meanwhile, Harry is tracking the guy he’s spotted following him. He loses him, of course, because he’s a desk jockey data analyst, not a field agent. Several red herrings and dead ends later, Harry identifies the silhouette in the photos and the guy following him as the same man, Carmichael, a well-known New Jersey hitman. Now Carmichael wants Harry to arrest him and throw him in a cell. He says it’s safer in there. Question reveals that he was hired by a Fr Black to kill Kate Gracie. He tracked her to Diaz’ appartment, tried and failed. On the run with 16 year old Kate chasing him, he hid in a fast food store. Kate ordered him to put his hands in to the deep fryer which – for reasons even he can’t understand – he did.

Harry phone Annabeth and Preston who are on the road bringing Black back to Arkham. When Black and Carmicheal learn that they are destined to meet, all helll breaks loose. Black pulls a knife and begs to be allowed to find and kill Kate – Annabeth and Preston screech to a halt on the motorway. Carmichael starts throwing himself at the walls in order to kill himself to prevent Kate from tracking him down – Harry shoots at him and misses (but earns the respect of Sheriff Marsh (no, we haven’t forgotten about him either) for the attempt.

That’s about it for now. Doom is coming to Arkham in the form of a 16 year old goth girl and police procedure dictates that we gather all her accomplices and enemies in the one place ready for her.