CSI: Arkham – Episode 1

Peter M Ball has just started a modern Call of Cthulhu campaign focussing on the forensic investigation of a crimes and events in and around Arkham, H. P. Lovecraft’s fictional version of Salem, Massachusetts. I’m playing in it. Yay me!

There’s three main characters: Annabeth, a formidable woman and once a member of the local dog squad; Harry, an ex-Pentagon intelligence analyst being punished by his superiors; and Preston (me), a preppie big city Assistant District Attorney floundering in the backwaters of Arkham. Annabeth is the old hand. Harry and Preston are replacements for her previous partners who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

That’s not the main story, though. We’re all much more concerned that Sheriff Marsh (yes, that Marsh family from Innsmouth) keeps assigning us the calls he doesn’t want to handle such as the one we have now.

We’re currently solving an arson and double murder. The parents of a fifteen year old girl, Katie Gracie, reckon she’s possessed because she does things fifteen year old girls do to annoy their parents. Now it looks like she’s murdered them, tried to burn the house down to hide the evidence and is on the run. Having to concern ourselves with justifying ourselves to a judge to get search warrants signed sure puts a dampener on the usual Cthulhu investigator trick of breaking into somewhere to ransack it for journals and other evidence. Proper police procedure (or a TV-inspired facsimile thereof) can be a real chore.

I can’t wait to see the Mythos acquitted of loitering with intent on a legal technicality.

Stay tuned…