Blood Bowl

I’ve been suckered into playing Games Workshop‘s Blood Bowl. And not just playing but playing in a the Fisherman’s Stout Bloodbowl League.

I’ve been interested in this game since it first appeared as a liftout in a holiday edition of White Dwarf magazine – way back when it was still owned by Steve Jackson Games and not an in-house advertising vehicle for GW. The game is basically a parody of American football played with fantasy races. Of course, given my Flintloque proclivities, I’ve settled on a team of elves.

Elves, being what they are in the Warhammer universe, are agile and graceful. In game terms, this means they are fast and can throw the ball about quite well. Hence, the strategy for my team it to split the defense by running deep towards the goal line and make long passes to the receivers. Two turn touchdowns will become my team’s speciality.

Also, to highlight the prissy nature of the race, the team refuses to cheat or foul against other teams, indulge in “rough-house play,” or any other form of nastiness. They are here to play the game and show that beings who understand bloodbowl at infinitely deeper levels than any other Warhammer race is capable of are inherently superior. They are frequently know to launch official protests at “ungentlemanly conduct” and other such infractions of the spirit of the game.

In the first league game (last week), the Angels played Peter M Ball‘s Underhill Maulers, a team of halflings and were mauled. We launched the first of, I’m sure, many official protests to the league management. If including ten foot tall treeman on a team of halflings doesn’t go against the spirit of the rules, then using them to throw halflings at the opposition surely must be.

Last night’s game, the Angels lost in a complete whitewash against Nic’s Dwarf Warhammerers. In their turns, they grabbed the ball, placed the guy carrying it in the centre of an armoured mass and slowly marched forward into the end zone. In the Elves turn, they rolled ones. For every dice roll which could have affected the game, they rolled ones. You can’t argue with fate.

I’ll post some photos when I get a minute to myself.