One Hell of a Week

The last week has been both the most miraculously wonderful and terrifyingly awful of my life. I hope that it’s never repeated and yet, at the same time, it marks the start of a completely new life for Kathi and I.

Here’s the deal.

As you may be aware, since early June Kathi and I have been expecting twins to be born in mid-February. On Sunday 2 November, circumstances required that she be hospitalised. We were told that the babies were likely to be born that night. Because of their age at that time (23 weeks 2 days) we were guaranteed that there was virtually no chance of them surviving more than a couple of hours.

Sunday became Monday which became Tuesday and they still hadn’t come. We were beginning to hope that we could beat the odds.

Kathi suddenly took a turn for the worse and yesterday, Sunday 9 November, required an emergency caesarian section to protect her and give the babies the best chance of life. As the doctor said “I have no idea what will happen to the babies after we take them out but I know for certain what will happen to Kathi and the babies if we leave them in.”

Now we have two little girls – Charlotte and Marianne – who were born at 24 weeks 2 days and have so far survived their first twenty four hours of  the real world.  Kathi and her mum reckon that these two tiny people precariously clinging to life already have me wrapped completely around their little, little fingers.

Right now, all four of us are doing well. The statistics, however, aren’t promising. At this age, Charlotte and Marianne have so many hurdles to leap that they each have only a 50% chance of surviving until their original due date around the middle of February.

What I want you to understand is that while we are ecstatically happy to be the parents of two beautiful and strong little girls we are not ready to celebrate. We are terrified of losing them before having an opportunity to get to know our girls. We feel guilty for not being able to give Charlotte and Marianne a better and surer start at life. We are angry at the universe for cheating us of the joys of bringing kids into the world in the usual way.

Pictures will follow a little later on.