More Bad News

Yesterday afternoon, Charlotte took a turn for the worse. She developed the same illness that has afflicted Marianne for the last five days. Unlike Marianne, who is slowly but surely fighting her way back to health, Charlotte died at 12:40 AEST today. The onset of the illness was as sudden as it was dramatic. There was nothing that could have been done for her.

The worst thing about the illness both girls have/had – if anything can be worse than a parent burying a child – is that the particular bacteria involved is one we all carry around with us as a natural part of our ‘intestinal flora,’ as the doctors put it. Because their gut is so immature, the germ seeped through the gut walls of both girls and into their blood streams.

Kathi and I are not up to taking phone calls at the moment. We’re too numb and shocked by today’s events and are deathly afraid that we’re going to lose Marianne as well if she doesn’t pull through.